We are open for the season

The courts are soft, so please make sure you have appropriate tennis sneakers. Repair divots. Don’t forget to sweep after you play.

See the Pros and Programs page for an update on lesson/clinic options, plus info about Mitch Adler who joins Karen and Steve as a pro for 2017.

See the Calendar page for key dates.

Does anyone have a used fridge they can donate to the club? If so, please call or write to Karen. Thanks!

There is a USTA 3.0 Ladies match May 20, 2-4, which will use 4 courts.

Enjoy “Community Free Play” until May 26, except weekend mornings. To play on weekend mornings, you must be an Unlimited Member, a 20 Day Member, or pay a $20 guest fee.


Court Policies

All players must complete a 2017 WTC Waiver for Adults

Court Assignments

  • All players must sign in before playing
  • Courts are assigned first-come, first-served after your full group arrives
  • Court assignments are 1 1/2 hours for 4 players, 1 hour for 2 or 3 players
  • Juniors: no play before Noon Sat/Sun/Hol if adult members are waiting
  • Players should wait 15 minutes after coming off before re-signing for a court (if courts are full)
  • (New) Players must use available courts, and not ask other players to vacate their court


  • Guests must sign in before playing
  • Members must identify their guests at the desk before playing
  • Members’ Guests: $20/day
  • Drop-in Guests: $25/day
  • Free community play pre-season and post-season except weekend mornings (see calendar for dates)
  • Each person may be a guest not more than 5 days/season